The story of this degree contains events before, during and after the Biblical Flood. The apron and emblems of this degree are recognisable by the ark and rainbow motif.

The Royal Ark Mariners or just the 'Mariners', as they are popularly known, has an important place within the Order of Mark Masonry. Royal Ark Mariner Lodges are attached, or “moored” to a Mark Lodge and bear the number of that Lodge. The ritual of the ceremony relates to the Old Testament and the building of the ark by Noah for the preservation of mankind and expounds the virtues of morality by demonstrating the properties of wisdom, strength and beauty.

A candidate must be a Mark Master Mason to be proposed, seconded, balloted for and elevated into a Royal Ark Mariner Lodge. He can then progress through the various offices and become the Worshipful Commander of the Lodge.

There are 3 Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in Bristol, which meet between 3 and 4 times a year. The prerequisite for being “elevated” to a Royal Ark Mason is to be a Mark Master Mason, however, the degree is quite separate from the Mark degree.

The Principal Officers of a Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners represent Noah, and two of his sons: Shem, and Japheth, and the Lodge room is set out to represent the Ark of Safety.

If you are a Mark Master Mason and are interested in joining this degree in Masonry, then please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary, or ask any brother of your own Mark Master Masons lodge who is identified by his wearing the distinctive rainbow and dove jewel.